When you decide to do some changes on your ebook, such as changing text, adding links, etc, you will need to use a PDF editor to do this. We recommend to use Adobe PDF editor as it offers free trial for a certain number of days.


Whenever your PDF is ready, you will need to update the automatic newsletters which contain the link to your ebook. These are the emails that your subscribers will receive to get your ebook.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Dashboard --> Media, and upload your updated PDF. Then click it to copy the URL of this file.

2. Proceed to Autoresponder and click the email list of your free ebook offering.

3. Look for these titles and edit each:

[user:firstname | default:reader], here’s your gift I promised you! Open now…


[user:firstname | default:reader], did you book your complimentary private session yet? (time sensitive!)

4. When you're in the content part of the newsletter, be sure to update the links in the newsletters using the ebook URL from your media library. So when your subscribers click on the links, they are brought to the ebook you want them to have access to. 

Note: If it is your first time to update your ebook link, replace the short code "[custom:ebook]" or similar, with the title of your ebook. Then add the link to it. Be sure to check for multiple links that you will need to update.

For example:

You see this in your newsletter content,

Replace the whole thing highlighted in blue with the title of your ebook,

Then highlight that ebook title or any text you want to hold the link. Click the Insert/Edit Link tool from the options and paste the ebook URL in the Link URL field.

5. When you're done editing your newsletter, proceed to the Next Step. Don't forget to Activate this newsletter to save your changes and make them ready for your upcoming subscribers.