Shooting and editing videos can be easy or hard - it depends on the tools you are using!

Below are some recommendations we have for taking the best quality videos posisble and what editing siftware you might try if needed.

Using Your Phone

Using your phone to shoot yoiur videos is probably the simplest and easiest option you could do.

After you shoot your video, whether it's in selfie mode or you have someone record it for you, you'll want to upload it to YouTube (or another video hosting service).

Once your video is on Youtube, all you will have to do is copy the link or embed code and paste it into your website..

Note: see how to replace or add videos to your website here

Using a Laptop or Computer (Webcam)

Another great option is to just use your laptop or computer (with a webcam).

Laptop and webcam camera quality is so great that you don't really need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get an ultra HD video with great audio quality.

If you have to purchase a webcam for your computer, I would recommend something under $100, but probably in the $50 to $100 range, and going with a big name such as Logitech or someone similar.

Video Editing Tools

If you want to get really fancy and do a lot of edits with your videos, hereare a couple video software products we'd recommend:


If you're on an Apple computer, we'd definitely recommend using the built in video editor and software that your computer comes with.

It will almost definitely do what you need and much, much more.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix (for Windows) is a great editor with a ton of tools, templates, audio effects ane equalizers, tools to clean up audio and video, clip transitions, and much more - all for a very low price!