Your CoachLeads Dashboard is like the "back office" for your website and tools.

This is where you will be able to access the Statistics and Analytics for your website, as well as all of your tools like your Appointment Software, Email Autoresponder, Blog Posts, Media Library, Intake Forms, and much more!

Statistics & Analytics

The Statistics and Analytics will show you how many people are coming to your website and when, where they are coming from in the world by country, and how they are getting their - whether it is via Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

Your Main Tools

The left hand menu of your Dashboard will have all of your main tools (besides Design Studio).

To access any of these tools, you will just want to hover over them with your mouse and click on them.

Once you click on a tool, it will bring you to the main page for that tool. For example, if you click on the button that says 'Appointments', it will bring you directly to your monthly overview calendar for your appointments, which is the home page for your Appointment Software.

The menu on the left hand side with all of these tools will always be there whenever you are in your Dashboard, so you can easily access any tool at any time when you are there.

Getting Back to Your Homepage (the Front of Your Website)

To get back to the front of your website, you will just want to hover over your name at the top of your Dashboard next to the little Home Icon at the top.

Once you hover over that, a little bar will drop down that says 'Visit Site' - click that, and it will take you directly to the front of your website.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support is not only on the front of your website for when you are using Design Studio, but you will be able to use and access it in your Dashboard as well.

If you are ever having any trouble doing something or just have some questions, feel free to use Live Chat Support and they will be able to help you out.

Note: Design Studio

Just to mention once more: Design Studio is not accessible through your Dashboard. 

You will have to be on the front of your website to use it. Once you are on the page you want to work on and edit, click the 'Design Studio' button in the blue menu at the top, and you will be able to edit your website that way.