To add a Blog post, first, you will want to make sure you are logged into your website.

After you are logged into your website, you will want to go to your Dashboard.

To add a Blog post:

  1. Click 'Blog Posts' in the menu on the left (or 'Add New')
  2. At the top of the next page, click the 'Add New' button
  3. Once you are on this page, you can
    1. Put the title at the top of the page
    2. Edit the content of the post in the big white box below
    3. Select a category for the post on the right-hand side
    4. Add a 'Featured Image' that will appear for your Blog post on the Homepage
  4. Once you are done editing, go ahead and click on 'Publish' in the top right
  5. Your post will now show on your Homepage and Blog pages

Note:  if this doesn't work for you or you have any issues, please contact Live Chat Support at the bottom right-hand corner of your website.