There are some specific things that are mandatory that you have to have prepared in advance to make the site launching process as easy as possible!

We would recommend having your answers to the questions below in your own document, and your photos organized on our computer ready to go. 


Prepare 3 of Your Favorite Profile Photos

Find 3 of your favorite Profile Photos and save them to your computer. You will need these when you launch your site. You will need to make sure your photos are under 1.5MB. This is how to resize your photos on a Mac and on a PC.

*Tip!: if you don't have any photos - at the bottom of this article you can download a few photos you can use as a placeholder for the setup process until you get your own photos.

Questions to Answer 

In less than 100 words, describe what makes  you unique as a health coach:

Before Picture

If we took a "before picture" of your life and your health before you found health coaching, what problems would have been seen?: (100 words or less)

Tell us how you struggled with health, food, body image, and/or lifestyle: (100 words or less)

When It All Changed

Think about the moment that everything changed for you, when you decided in your gut to reach for a better, healthier life. Describe that moment in less than 100 words:

Where You Are Now

In 100 words or less, share specific examples of how you are living your best self now - in your health, in your body, and in your food choices. Don't worry - this is not about appearing "perfect!" It's about celebrating all the ways you've shifted and continue to shift your experience of your health and your life:

Prepare 2 Customer Testimonials 

Prepare up to 2 client testimonials. These may be your test clients. Also ask for permission to use your their photos. Generally if they have social media or a Facebook account, that profile photo will suitable. 

Once again, you will need to make sure your photos are under 1.5MB. This is how to resize your photos on a Mac and on a PC.

Your eBook  

Please choose between one of the following eBooks that you will offer your clients:

  1. How to lose weight when nothing else is working
  2. 3 easy ways to double your energy today
  3. The top 10 mistakes to avoid so you can look fabulous over 50

Contact and Social Media 

Your Facebook link:

Your Instagram link:

Your Pinterest link:

Your best phone number for clients to reach you:

The email address you will be using to keep in touch with clients:

Have all of your preparation material for your website ready before you launch your site. Be sure you follow the instructions on how to sign up and get started here