CoachLeads is a digital platform. exclusively for students of HCI, designed to help you get online and grow your business as fast easily as possible.

With a single subscription, you can create a website, take appointments and payments, build an email list, and much more – no coding or prior experience required!

Complete Demo Setup with Carey of HCI


Website & Hosting

Your entire website will be set up for you during the onboarding session, and hosting is included every month.

You’ll get many pages set up right away as well as a selection of layouts you can use and edit.

Ready-to-Use Content

Your brand-new website will have content ready to use from the moment you complete the setup.

You will have a new Homepage, About Me page, as well as pages and content set up for the Total Transformation Discovery Session, 14-Day Cleanse, and 90-Day Total Transformation Program.

Drag & Drop Editing

Our drag and drop builder will allow you to easily make edits to photos, text, backgrounds, and colors just by pointing and clicking – no coding required.

Create stunning, dynamic pages to convey your brand and message to your current and future clients.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is built directly into your website! Access a support agent while you are editing your website if you have a question or technical issue, need help, or need anything else :)

Appointment Booking & Payment Integration

You can take appointments and payments directly on your website. Customize your services and availability, add discount coupons, appointment reminders, integrate with your primary calendar, and much more.

Email Autoresponder & 6-Months of Emails

In addition to your email autoresponder being set up and ready to use, you will also have 6 months of emails which were personally written by Carrie and Stacey of HCI.

These emails will get sent out once per week and are meant to be entertaining, engaging, informative, and are designed to position you as the expert and get people to sign-up for your programs!

4-Week Website Course

Our 4-week course is designed to get you up and running as fast and efficiently as possible!

We include weekly checklists for exactly what you should be focusing on, what you need to complete, and how you can do it each week.

If you follow this course, you will be able to get your website completed and Live online in only 4 short weeks :)

Blog Posts

You can add your own blog posts to your website directly in your dashboard. All you need to do is add a title, write the post, and click publish!

Statistics & Analytics

View how many people are coming to your website each day, week, and month, where they’re coming from in the world, how they are getting to your website and the top pages and posts they are viewing.

It's great information to have once you start getting traffic!

Video Tutorials & Articles

Our video tutorials are short video clips that will visually walk you through doing everything on your website, step-by-step, from making edits to editing your schedule.

We also have some great articles on everything from domain names to the top design tools we recommend.

Intake Forms

Intake forms allow you to create and edit forms you can send to clients for onboarding and getting more information about them.

You are able to create these forms from your dashboard and can send people a link directly to them to be filled out.

Media Library

Your media library allows you to upload and store images, documents, and other types of files straight from your Dashboard.