Hey there Coach!

GPDR Stands for: General Data Protection Regulation

For most of you coaches, this is not so much of an issue, as most of your clients are based in the USA. This DOES apply to you if you expect to have or already have European clients. 

For our European teammates, rest assured, with a few simple steps, you're in great shape. 

The following steps will ensure you're in compliance with European Union laws and mandates. 

Step 1: 
Adding Double Email Optin Verification

Log into your Dashboard and click on "Autoresponder" 
Then click on "Settings" and finally click on "Signup Confirmation."

Step 2: 
Click on Yes.

This will require your subscribers to double opt into your email list. A confirmation email will be sent to them. You can edit it as you like, just keep the parts in the [brackets] as are and edit around them. Those are dynamic links so keep them as they are. Once done, Save Settings at the bottom of the page. 

Step 3: 
Let's adjust your Site Wide Disclaimer a bit next. 

To find your site disclaimer page, visit "Pages" and then at the top right of the page search for "disclaimer" and then click on search pages. Then click on "Edit" afterwards. 

Step 4: 
Once brought to the Site Disclaimer Page, click on "Launch" Design Studio" 

Step 5: 
While in Design Studio, Add the following text in addition to what you currently have (replacing your company name etc): 

[My Company Name] will only share Personal data between Clients and Candidates with the written consent from both parties.

Without this written consent, no personal data will be shared with any persons or organisations in or outside of [My Company Name] and its Technology Partners.

All sharing of data within or between [My Company Name] and its Customers and Technology Partners is protected by end to end. [Todays Date]

VoilàYou're good to go! 

If anything comes up, email us at support@coachleads.com or leave us a support ticket.